Utilizing state of the UV processing technology, we at CRWW produce long continuous lengths of FRP products wound on steel, plastic, or wood reels. Products can be made in continuous lengths up to 50km depending on requirements. Standard products include round rod in diameters of 0.12mm up to 5.0mm.  We also supply shaped profiles including flat and oval. We can also embed elements such as fiber, wire and tubing .We encourage custom designs and variations.  Surface coatings include standard hard coat, which allows for smooth glass free surfaces.  We also offer specialty surface coatings to improve slip or adhesion to various polymers; the surface coatings include EAA, EA, PU, hot melts and Polyester.

Various matrix resins are available from flexible to hard and include a high temperature version that can operate at 250 C.

One of the main uses for our products is as strength member used in fiber optic telecommunications cables. However our products are needed in many other industries. Whenever your product design could use a quality FRP contact us and we will be happy to work with you to make a product to meet your needs.

Our quality management system follows ISO 9001 standards. 

specialty manufacturer of linear composites ...